about JeetMed
A professional veterinary endoscopes manufacturer

JEETMED is specialized in research and development, production, sales of video endoscopes, and provide customers with professional and mature visual diagnosis and treatment solutions.  We have various type of video endoscopes, such as portable vet endoscopes, pet video endoscopes, animal endoscopes. medical endoscopes,including nasopharyngoscopes and laryngoscopes, etc

More than 10 years experiences in researching video endoscopes

We has more than 10 years experiences in researching video endoscopes, and it has cooperative relationship with famous Chinese Institute of Photonics and Medicine. Also, we gained ISO9001/14001 certificate .   

Strict quality control processes system and good after-sales services.

We have strict quality control processes system and good after-sales services, and we have established a good reputation to our customers.

Products are used in various fields

Our products are widely used in medical diagnosis, pet hospital, veterinary clinics and other institutions. We sincerely looks forward to cooperate with you. Welcome to or contact.   

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Main Products
Medical mask manufacturing machine series, such as: full-automatic plane mask connecting machine; Mask manufacturing machine series for industrial application, such as: cup mask manufacturing machine; Non-woven cloth dust removal equipment series, such as: mop cloth, wipe gloves manufacturing machine; Non-woven bag making machine series, such as: vest bag making machine; Other non-standard non-woven equipment, such as: shoe cover manufacturing machine.
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